Intro Classes

For those new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and martial arts, Factory BJJ / Combat Base Stockport have a regular Intro Class.

These classes are compulsory for anyone wanting to join the club, unless you have trained at another BJJ club for longer than 6 months. Please note: experience in other styles of martial arts doesn’t count.

The Intro Classes run twice a week on a continual cycle of 12 topics. These topics will give you the building blocks which are the foundation of a well rounded game in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Once you have done all 12 sessions, you’ll then move into the novice classes and will also have access to the no gi, fundamental, daytime and open mat sessions.

Ideally it would be great for you to work sessions 1 – 12 in that order, but you can begin the classes at any time and we’ll keep a record of what classes you’ve done and which you haven’t.

The topics covered are:

1. Open guard and butterfly
2. Closed guard
3. Half Guard
4. Butterfly sweeps
5. Open guard sweeps
6. Closed guard submissions
7. Passing the open guard
8. Side Control, mount and knee pin
9. Back Control
10. Top control submissions
11. Positional and Submission escapes
12. Introduction to grip fighting and rolling

The Intro Class runs every Tuesday at 6.15-7pm and every Thursday at 7.15-8pm

Also for those who miss a few classes, we put on two catch-up sessions after session 12 and before the cycle begins again.

These will allow those who are close to completing all 12 topics, the chance to progress into the novice class without waiting for the cycle to get round to the classes they’ve missed.

**Note: If you do miss a number of classes you can book Adam Adshead for 1-2-1 private sessions to help you complete those sessions you’re missing. Available to be booked at a range of times, each 1-2-1 is one hour long and will cover a number of the intro course topics in each session. Get in touch for more information**

If you’re interested in joining the intro class you can sign up and begin the classes anytime throughout the continual cycle of topics. All you need to do is book an appointment to come down for a visit of the gym.

This will give you a chance to see where we are, ask any questions and most importantly to size you up for a gi.

The different payment options are as follows:

Option 1 £99 – All 12 sessions (value £72), plus a Blitz Gi (value £40). Total value £112
Option 2£139 – All 12 sessions (value £72), plus a Blitz Gi (value £40), Opro gumshield (value £8), Blitz groin guard (value £8), 1 x private session with Adam Adshead (value £30). Total value £158.
Option 3£169 – All 12 sessions (value £72), plus 1 x white Tatami Estilo Gi (value £86), 1 x white belt (value £5), 1 x private session with Adam Adshead (value £30). Total value £193.
Option 4£185 – All 12 sessions (value £72), plus 1 x white Tatami Estilo Gi (value £86), 1 x white belt (value £5),  Opro gumshield (value £8), Blitz groin guard (value £8), 1 x private session with Adam Adshead (value £30). Total value £209.
(All Blitz gis come with a white belt)
Option 5 £69 – All 12 sessions (value £72) but you must have your own BJJ/Jiu Jitsu/Judo gi.
(All major credit and debit cards accepted, although a small processing fee will be added to your purchase)

(All major credit and debit cards accepted)

You may do all 12 sessions in order or over a longer period or number of cycles. Regardless you only pay once!

Remember you can begin the class at any point!

All sessions are tought by Adam Adshead (Brown Belt) with the help of his assistant coaches.

**Intro Classes are also available as private sessions with Adam Adshead. The entire course can be covered in 8 private 1-2-1 sessions for £240 and this includes a FREE gi (value £40) – (Needs to be paid in full on session 1). Please contact Adam to book and for more information.**

For more information please contact Info [@] or call Adam on 0161 241 9874.

Alternatively, fill out our online form and we’ll call or email you right back!

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